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What we do


Consumers are on a journey of exploration. When it comes to skincare, we think to our values; how can we formulate, create and curate skincare that helps people enjoy new products and find new brands to maintain healthy skin – particularly in harsh Australian and New Zealand climates.

We understand the gaps that exist within specialty skin clinics and major retailers and create ways to close those gaps through product development that tackles skin concerns before it even makes it to a consumer’s vanity. We identify ingredients that work, and that are potentially untapped within these markets, to tailor a unique offering and present something new to our clients.

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This is the main event for us – a category we have been actively involved in for decades, where we have introduced and developed brands that cater directly to the maintenance routines and rituals across all hair types. The art of caring for hair runs through our blood.

We have access to global leaders in a manufacturing and retail capacity, which helps us bring a world of knowledge to the industry. Our reach spans everywhere from Europe to Canada, Asia and the US; this far-reaching source of knowledge gives us a total understanding of hair care on a global scale and helps us to positively impact the industry through unmatched product offerings.

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We understand that when it comes to beauty, it’s personal – what works for one might not work for another. We see beauty as more than what’s on the surface, and for us, rituals around self-care aren’t just superficial – it’s an opportunity to express individuality, feel pampered and relax. In other words, it’s good for the soul. With this in mind, we focus on what we know every consumer is looking for: the overall benefit. The way products make people look and feel, inside and out. This passion of ours has seen us bring to market products that hero self-expression so that we can up the beauty game in the best way we know-how.

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