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About us

No one size fits all. Not even two, or three. You get it. Every day, we prove this as individuals. To be defined by just one single characteristic, just one approach to self-expression is limiting. We believe that hair and beauty products should offer a lineup as layered and multidimensional as the person using it. It’s why Inspire Brands exists – we take pride in creating and curating quality hair and beauty products, that give people options to create their own rituals around self-expression.

From the best creams, hair colours, tools—and everything in between, we’ve assembled a range of products that deliver results. From high-performance to high-quality ingredients that offer moisturising qualities and a powerhouse of vitamins, we’re inspired by a philosophy that sees self-expression as self-care.

Consumers are aware of the products they put on their skin and bodies – and, importantly, the ingredients that comprise them. So we sort the fact from the fiction; choosing innovative active ingredients and bringing them to market.

We source new brands. We create new products. We develop, we distribute, we grow. And we do it with people in mind … from those that sell the products to those that use them. We’re inspired by practicing self-care that offers choice, because decades in the hair and beauty industry has taught us a thing or three.

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Before anything else, we ask why, how, or what. No matter the role each person within our business plays, we believe everyone has a part in staying on top of our industry – it’s the key to building our knowledge and seeing things from many perspectives. Our years of experience in retail and manufacturing has shown us that learning is a lifelong process and our continual drive to progress and develop our craft helps us make use of our accomplishments, experiences and know-how to deliver an unmatched experience to our clients.


We see collaboration as a way for us to continually innovate. Through openness and cooperation, we make connections and partner with our global networks so that we can explore possibilities within our industry. Through a hands-on approach, our collaborative efforts see us creatively bringing solutions to market as we find opportunities to fill gaps and explore unique propositions and developments for our clients.


This is more than an entrepreneurial spirit; it’s about reflecting our vision through every action we take. We’ve created a strong team culture where ideas are celebrated. From big picture thinking to the details that see us developing new products and distributing new brands to market, we live and breathe our values as the cornerstones of our communication – and with that comes creative energy and a passion to deliver.


We believe that thinking and acting ahead is not a luxury, but a necessity – and we’d say that hair and beauty shoppers across the globe would agree! For us innovation starts from our grassroots here in Australia where we curate, create and distribute hair, skin and beauty products and private labels to the Australian and New Zealand markets, but with a global vantage in mind. We explore international trends and forecasts to adapt and develop solutions with a strong focus on our partners and the people who use our products.


Carmelo Francese

Founding Director of Inspire Brands, Carmelo is a global strategist with over three decades’ experience in leading retail, wholesale and franchise developments in the hair, skin, and beauty industry.

With a passion for understanding the emerging retail landscape, Carmelo has focused his career on developing innovative solutions across businesses that range from product development and manufacturing to wholesale, distribution, and retail.

Carmelo’s vision has seen groundbreaking launches across the Australian and New Zealand markets by creating offerings that deliver results and make a difference.